Irish Festival in Matsue 2022 event list

It’s finally St. Patrick’s Day season ☘️
As we have already announced, 2022’s parade has once again been cancelled due to the increasing need with the recent escalation of COVID-19 cases.
It is truly unfortunate that we had to come to this decision once again. However, the committee does have some smaller scale events planned for this year’s Irish Festival season.

Date: Sun. 13 March 2022
Location: Karakoro Area, etc.

  • Greening
    Matsue Castle: 11-13 March
    Karakoro Art Studio: 1-21 March
    TSK Tower: 11-13 March

  • Horikawa Sightseeing Boats Go Green and Mini Water Parade
    Sun. 13 March, all day

  • Mini Irish Festival (Karakoro Area):
    Sun. 13 March
    Details incoming. Please keep an eye on our website with the following link:

・Events may be altered or cancelled due to weather or pandemic related circumstances. Please follow our Facebook (etc.) for the latest information.
・Please wear a mask and follow other infection prevention measures while attending any of the above events.

Irish Festival in Matsue Organisation Committee
TEL: 0852-31-8345