☘️🇮🇪小泉八雲が愛した町、水の都松江で、St. Patrick’s Day のパレードがおこなわれました。

3/12、アイリッシュ・フェスティバル in Matsue 2023のセント・パトリックス・デイ・水上パレードがおこなわれました。


A St. Patrick’s Day parade was held in Matsue, the water city loved by Koizumi Yakumo.
The boats were dressed in green for the day and paraded around the moat of Matsue Castle.
The parade on the water, which is unique to Matsue, ended safely in the beautiful spring weather. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the parade, as well as everyone on the Horikawa sightseeing boat.

Photo courtecy of Sakamoto